Local Retailers

Talula’s Table in Kennett Square, PA
Talula’s Daily in Philadelphia, PA
Capers and Lemons in Wilmington, DE
Paradocx Vineyards in West Grove and Kennett Square, PA
The Mushroom Cap in Kennett Square, PA
Town Clock Cheese Shop in Gap, PA
Creekside Gardens in Tunkhannock, PA
Purple Robin Reserve in Lititz, PA
Woodlands at Phillips Mushroom Farm in Oxford, PA
The Junction in West Grove, PA

Local Vendors

We buy our hardware, sanding, and finishing supplies at:
Cameron’s Hardware and Supply in Oxford, PA
Oxford Feed and Lumber in Oxford, PA
D and J Farm Store in Quarryville, PA (Amish, no webpage)

We buy our hardwoods at:
Groff and Groff Lumber in Quarryville, PA
Hearnes Hardwoods in Oxford, PA

We buy our cheese spreaders at:
The Restaurant Store in Smoketown, PA
The Restaurant Store in New Castle, DE

We have our printing and engraving done at:
DavCo Advertising in Kinzers, PA

Unfortunately, not everything we need can be found at local suppliers so we do step out and buy some products at Home Depot in Parkesburg, Lowes in Avondale, and on PullsDirect.com.

We are members of the Oxford Art Alliance.

Want to sell our Products?   Contact Tim at Lingerlong Woodworking, LLC


We are happy to donate some product to a local charity for a fundraising event.  We will support local chapters of a regional or national organization.  As this page says we are ‘Keeping it Local’. Please call us at 717-529-7022 if we can help.

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